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Whole Chicken (4-5 lbs)

Whole Chicken (4-5 lbs)

4-5 lbs
$5.40 /lb.
Avg. 4.5 lb.

A smaller bird is perfect for when you need a filling meal, but are not inspired to put a lot of work in! Roasts in a little over an hour at 400-425 F. 

Our chickens are raised outdoors, and moved daily to new grass. The ones you find in the supermarket are cooped up in a huge building with thousands of other birds with "access" to the outdoors, allowing them to be called "free range". Visit our farm and you'll love what you see. Visit their farms (as if you could) and you would be dismayed at the misrepresentation. Buy our chickens. You'll taste the difference and be healthier for it.