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1 Whole Hog Deposit (Winter)

1 Whole Hog Deposit (Winter)


Ready in January 2025!

Whole Hog Share: Estimated 180lbs of Premium Pasture/Forest Raised Pork

Yielding approximately 180lbs of high-quality pork. Here's a glimpse of what your custom cut share could include:

**Please Note: Prices are subject to change even after reservation has been made.  As always, we will communicate and let you know of any change.** (sf: sugar free)

  • (60) Sausage (sage, chorizo, mild italian (sf), hot italian (sf), sweet italian)  
  • (20) Ground Pork
  • (15) Pork Chops (2-pack)
  • (4) Ham Steaks OR cured ham roasts 
  • (2-4) Pork Belly, fresh sliced OR sliced cured bacon
  • (2) Spare Ribs
  • (1) Baby Back Ribs
  • Organs, jowls, hock, and fat
  • Loin/shoulder/boston butt roasts are available in exchange for cuts above! Note requests on cut-sheet.

Once weights are recorded from the processor, we will email you or direct you to a link for a custom-cut sheet for you to complete! 

Pricing and Weight:

  • $6.85/lb (Estimated Hanging Weight of 200 lbs)
  • Cost Estimate: $1,370 for about 190 lbs. of pork once packaged.
  • Weights and yields are estimated; actuals may vary.
  • Cost of processing included

How it Works:


  • Live Weight: Live animal standing on a scale.
  • Hanging Weight (HW): Weight from butcher after harvest but prior to breakdown.
  • Take Home Weight (TW): Final weight of actual meat that is packaged for your freezer.

Each animal is unique, and the following details are based on averages, providing an estimate of what you will receive.

Your Meat Packaging: Your pork will be meticulously packaged in clear vacuum-sealed bags, ensuring freshness for months in your freezer without any concerns.

Pick Up/Delivery Options: Both pick-up and delivery are available to suit your convenience.

Order Process:

  1. Reserve Your Whole Hog: Secure your share through placing a deposit here.
  2. We will contact you when it's time to choose your cuts: Decide between "All Boneless Cuts," "All Bone-In Cuts," or  fill out a "Custom Cut Form" based on your preferences (we are happy to talk through this with you!)
  3. Fill Out Custom Cut Form (if applicable): For those opting for custom cuts, a simple form will be provided to select specific preferences.
  4. Pick Up Date/Delivery Confirmation: Receive confirmation of the pick-up date or delivery details about one week prior.
  5. On-Farm Pick-Up or Home Delivery: Ensure availability on pick-up day or opt for home delivery at an additional cost of $85.
  6. Packaging and Delivery: Your frozen pork will be delivered in clear vacuum-sealed packages. For on-farm pick-ups, bring coolers or boxes. Be ready to fill the freezer if you choose the delivery option!
  7. Final Total: Your final invoice will be emailed a couple of days before pick-up/delivery. Payment is expected prior to or upon receipt.