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The feed we use to supplement our pigs and chickens is fresh, local, and free of any and all GMO's. Confirmed with 3rd party testing. We went down many of rabbit holes to settle on what we felt comfortable with. This is the food we feed our children so we take it very seriously.

Why don't we use Organic feed? Email us to find out.

All Rucker Farm meats are GMO-free

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Humanely Raised

Our animals are treated like equals. We manage our animals so that they can express their natural instincts. We take pride in the fact that our animals are treated with the utmost care and attention. From fresh pastures to low-stress handling and humane harvesting, we’re committed to ethical farming practices.

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Rotationally Grazed

Rather than open or continuous grazing where animals are allowed to overgraze and bathe in mucky water holes, our animals are strategically moved across open pastures or forested areas, where they graze on nutrient-rich grasses, allowing us to work in harmony with mother nature. This grazing process helps to build the animals health and resilience while enhancing the carbon sequestering of the soil – helping to combat environmental degradation.

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Nitrite/Nitrate Free

Embrace our all-natural production approach, which guarantees the absence of detrimental additives and preservatives such as synthetic nitrites and nitrates.

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Naturally Gluten Free

We offer a wide range of gluten and dairy-free options at Rucker Farm, where we prioritize tasty and nutritious choices. Products such as breakfast sausage, pork chops, chicken breast, and more can be enjoyed even on strict diets.

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No Fillers

Fillers are additives like soy, carrageenan, wheat, olestra, and more that help bulk up the weight of food. They lower the price (and the quality) of many meats. Rest easy when you shop with Rucker Farm — none of our products contain fillers.

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No Animal By-Products

Enjoy food you can count on. We never feed animal by-products to any of our animals.

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No Hormones, Steroids, or Growth Enhancers

We are dedicated to providing meat that is raised ethically without any harmful additives. That includes hormones, steroids and growth additives.

The FDA prohibits the use of hormones or antibiotics in pork or poultry production, but they do not monitor the use of synthetic growth enhancers.

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